ELLEIRA is the first to introduce a highly beneficial and effective Integrated Layering System that Layers complementing hair products the right way and in the right order to achieve and maintain pristine (“original, unspoiled, clean, fresh”) hair. ELLEIRA is a complete, gentle, daily hair care System of products that combine the key ingredients for optimal hair health and quality, and is superior to many Salon hair lines.

You already layer products. You shampoo, condition, mousse, spray... to keep hair clean and healthy and obtain your best “look”. BUT – many hair products don’t work well together. Some “cancel-out” the benefits of others, or don’t combine well at all. Who Knew?

Experts agree that the best hair products include Keratin to rebuild hair proteins, considering everyday damage from the environment, coloring, straightening, blow drying, etc.  So of course the ELLEIRA professional hair care System has Keratin in its products where it’s needed and utilized best. But is Keratin a fix-all that maintains healthy, stylish, beautiful hair? No – and no single product can provide these qualities for all types of hair. YOU NEED MORE !! You need to hydrate and treat your hair with essential proteins and supplements to maintain pristine hair, just like you were born with. You need to add Argan Oil !!

ELLEIRA products are scientifically designed to Integrate ideally with each other, and (1) cleanse, (2) repair, (3) condition, and (5) protect your hair. Adding ELLEIRA PRISTINE (9) (100% pure, organic Argan Oil) to most Layers provides the nourishment you need to maintain pristine, healthy hair. In fact, ELLEIRA PRISTINE (9) can be, and should be added to all of your hair conditioning products. Want to add shine? Layer in ELLEIRA ILLUMINATE (6). Want to add body, style, and hold? Layer in ELLEIRA (4 - mousse coming soon !!), (7), or (8).

Shop our hair care products to read more about the benefits of the ELLEIRA Integrated Layering System.

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Elleira Recover 2 Conditioner
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Elleira Infuse 3 de-tangler
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Elleira Illuminate 6 - Shine
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Elleira Design 8 Hold
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