Hair Modifying Dust

FORGET TEASING! Forget about hairspray, mousse, gel, or whatever tedious method you may have invented to mold your hair. All you need is this REVOLUTIONARY, Holy Grail of all hair products.

MD Hair Modifying Dust creates INSTANT VOLUME and HOLD that stays ALL DAY. Simply sprinkle MD into dry hair and modify with your bare hands until your desired style is achieved, then get on with your busy day. SIMPLE AS THAT. And your hair smells great!

If your hair falls or your style fades as the day progresses, simply re-modify. The MD already in your hair will re-active without the need to re-apply. Of course, if YOU feel the need for more, MD is conveniently TRAVEL SIZED and made to fit perfectly in your purse or bag.

Haven’t showered in a while? Sprinkle MD into your hair and watch it absorb the oil straight out of your locks, leaving your hair fresh-looking and modifiable!

MD offers something for any hair type or style. See below for links to our video tutorials, and watch for yourself what MD can do for you!

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MD Hair Modifying Dust
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