Limited Edition PerfectSize Cosmetics

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Not to be mistaken for “sample” size or “trial” size - our PerfectSize® items are similar to those simply irresistible grabbies you throw in your shopping basket while waiting in line at Sephora. Don’t let the convenient size of these items fool you. The volume INSIDE the PerfectSize® containers is usually about 3/4 (or 70%) of a full-size item. For example: Our full-size lip glosses contain 4mL of formula - our Perfect Sizes contain 2.8mL!

27 results
(NEW!) Perfecting Eye/Face Primer
(NEW!) Liquid Highlighter
(NEW!) "Master" Lipstick
(NEW!) "Artisan" Metallic Liquid Liner
"Jet Set" Lipstick
"Tropics/Ritz" Blush Duo
"Aqua" Water/Cream Eye Shadow
"RAWR!" Ultra-Matte Lipstick
"Flora!" Spectrum Mascara
"Agave" Shadow Duo
"Ideal" Lip Gloss
"Abstract" Cream Blush

27 results

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