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CLEANSEξ- Step 1ξξ

A sulfate, sodium chloride, & paraben FREE ultra-moisturizing daily shampoo for all hair types. ξInfused with functional Keratin Protein Molecules to rebuild hair shaft and ends while gently removing build-up on both hair & scalp. ξSoftens, smoothes, and adds renewed strength to the surface of the hair. ξSafe for use on chemically and color treated hair, and extension bonds.ξ A Salon-strength formulation.

ELLEIRA CLEANSE NO.1 Position in the ELLEIRA Integrated Layering System (EIL System)

ELLEIRA CLEANSE 1 is always the Number One Step to this EIL system. ξThis shampoo's ingredients, when combined, are the essential cleanser to remove free-radicals, dirt, and grime from the hair with the cleanest result. ξWhen massaged through hair after wet with warm water, ELLEIRA CLEANSE 1 cleanses the hair, releasing all unwanted residue, creating a squeaky clean finish, WHILE depositing essential Keratin Protein Molecules essential to the life of the hair. ELLEIRA CLEANSE should always be used first in the system, and only BEFORE ALL other ELLEIRA Products.

For an incredibly moisturizing cleansing experience, and to enhance the treatment factor for the hair, (for dryer, colored, damaged hair) ELLEIRA CLEANSE 1 can be combined and emulsified (mixed) with ELLEIRA PRISTINE 9 (100% Pure Organic Argan Oil) to allow for more of a "healing treatment" for the hair, in addition to adding moisture and shine. ξPlease be advised that if ELLEIRA PRISTINE 9 is combined with this shampoo, a certain percentage of the PRISTINE willξbe absorbed, and another percentage will rinse out. ξWith this technique, you are only ADDING to and IMPROVING the function of the cleanse.

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