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ºCoolway Blowdryer/Transform - Starlooks Exclusive Set


ºCoolway's True Smooth is the only all-in-one hair styling product in the industry that uses our proprietary molecule, AminoLock MAB. Developed for over four years, AminoLock MAB interlocks your hair’s proteins deep within the cuticle to set and hold your smooth style as you dry your hair.

Enjoy these clinically proven results:

  • Smooth hair - with just your blow dryer!
  • Stronger hair - clinically proven up to 4 times stronger!
  • Healthier hair - clinically proven to have 75% less breakage!
  • More luxurious hair - clinically proven to increase shine and reduce frizz significantly, to have a style that will last for days!

Scientifically speaking, hair smoothing and straightening occurs after the hair is melted and stretched once exposed to temperatures above 320ºF. However, the high intensity of styling tools also results in dryness and breakage as the moisture evaporates from their intense heat. This is where °Coolway’s AminoLock MAB comes in. Activated by your blow dryer’s lower heat settings, Aminolock MAB works within the hair’s cuticle, holding your style from the inside, not the other way around. Now you can experience great results without high heat, without the products that coat and weigh your hair down, and all while significantly cutting down your blow dry time. True Smooth is good for your schedule, and for your shoulders, garnering professional grade results at the fraction of the cost.

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