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DESIGN - Step 8

ELLEIRA DESIGN NO. 8 Position in the ELLEIRA Integrated Layering System (EIL System)

ELLEIRAξDESIGN 8 is the Final Step to this EIL system when hair is dry, after you have illuminated your hair with No 6, applied MD 7 for volume, and if and when other products before 7 have been used. ξAlso finish any style with this product for long lasting,ξmovableξhold.

DIRECTIONS: USE ON DRY HAIR. Hold 8 to 12 inchesξfrom hair. Spray evenly over surface of hair to hold in place. ξOr, spray individually separated parts of hair before applying heat to add hold to hair when using curling or straightening tools.

CAUTION: FLAMMABLE. Do Not Expose toξtemperatures exceeding 120Îç F.ξ ContentsξUnder Pressure. Do not puncture orξincinerate. Not to be used near fire or flame.ξKEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.ξ

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