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ILLUMINATEξ - Step 6 ξ

Gives hair an instant, brilliant shine. Adds clear shine to dryξor dull hair, smooths down frizzy or fried ends and driesξwithout a trace. An Alcohol-freeξformula that never weighs hair down. Has protective sun-filtersξto help prevent sun damage, and Argan Oil to nourish and intensifyξshine.

ELLEIRA ILLUMINATE NO. 6 Position in the ELLEIRA Integrated Layering System (EIL System)

ELLEIRAξILLUMINATEξ6 is the Fifth Step to this EIL system when hair is dry, and if and when ALL other products before 5 have been used. ELLEIRA ILLUMINATE 6 adds the glistening, shiny finish to the hair and finalizes it's fullest, lively, shiny and healthy state.ξ

To enhance the treatment factor for the hair,ξELLEIRA PRISTINE 9 (100% Pure Organic Argan Oil) can be added toξELLEIRA ILLUMINATE 6 by pouring a small amount into your No. 6 bottle and shaking intensely. ξThis will saturate your No. 6 Serum with more pure Argan Oil, to give even MORE glisten to the hair.ξ

CAUTION: FLAMMABLE. Keep away fromξfire or flame. Do not use while smoking.

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