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MD Hair Modifying Dust


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What is MD?

MD is a soft, white silica-based powder with a light fragrance.  MD is highly attracted to the natural oils and moisture in the hair.  So when it is applied correctly, it almost instantly absorbs and combines with these oils, and expands and spreads through the hair.  When the MD ingredients expand, they lift and gently hold each hair, creating instant, manageable body. MD also makes the hair smell wonderful!!

How is MD applied?

MD is applied by parting the hair into about 5 to 6 sections and sprinkling a small amount of MD along the root-line of each section. Using your fingers to gently rub MD into the roots of the hair in circular motions activates the key ingredient in MD.  It's as simple as that.  You're ready to style.

See the MD video tutorials for detailed directions on how to apply MD:

How Much MD do I need?

A very small amount of MD goes a long way, and the MD bottle is designed to dispense the modifying powder sparingly onto the roots of your hair.  The correct application is just like salting food.  So 4 – 5 sprinkles along each root line is plenty.  If used correctly, one bottle of MD will last for up to 3 months of everyday use, and the bottle is travel-sized for your convenience.

How Long does MD work?

MD will remain activated for hours.  But if volume or style fades throughout the day, the MD already in your hair can simply be reactivated by rubbing the hair roots in the same manner as the initial application. There is no need to re-apply.

How do I remove MD?

MD is a gentle, non-evasive product but sometimes shampoo isn't enough to completely remove MD from your hair. The best method is to thoroughly condition your hair after shampooing. While the conditioner is in your hair, you will be able to comb your fingers completely and smoothly through. This is the indication that MD is now removed. If you can't shower and condition, MD can be removed with Starlook's spray leave-in conditioner - "MD MAGIC" - for wet or dry hair (product coming soon!). Simply separate hair the same way you used to apply MD, hold spray bottle 4 inches away from hair, and spray generously. Comb through carefully and gently. When the comb smoothly passes through the hair, MD is completely gone. Now blow dry or let hair air dry.  No more MD!

Who should use MD?

MD is designed for ALL hair types!  As a styling agent, MD provides the perfect foundation to mold and modify hair for those who desire anything from classic to funky styles, and a hold that will last all day long without the stiffness of sprays and gels! 

MD's volumizing properties work especially well for people with thin, flat hair, who desire their hair to look more full-bodied and thick but feel natural and soft. If your hair is long, heavy, and thick, the effects of MD will not be as noticeable.

MD soaks up excess grease and oils and leaves your hair looking fresh and clean.

MD smells fantastic! No need to worry about stinky sprays, flakey gels, or hair perfumes again!

Hair sprays, styling gels, creams, dry shampoos, and other common products found in salons and stores are messy, can smell bad, and often require frequent re-application. Replace your stocked cabinet of hair products with one revolutionary product that covers it all! MD offers a more efficient, cost-effective, unique way to add volume, style, hold, de-grease, and perfume your hair without the need for cleanup or re-application.